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La Esperanza History!

This week is a very special time for us here at LEG...

we're currently operating with 150 volunteers!

Counting all of our individual, group and Families for Families volunteers plus our volunteer-only Board of Directors and local Ayudantes, we have never had so many wonderful and enthusiastic people helping to support  our mission of improving children's education in Nicaragua. Many thanks to our volunteers, both past and present, who have worked so hard to make La Esperanza Granada the wonderful, thriving organization that it is today!

We are so happy to mark our upcoming 10 years with such an outstanding accomplishment!

Last day of Summer School

On Friday February 3rd, our volunteers celebrated the last day of summer school with their students at Nueva Esperanza primary school. After 2 months of hard work - planning, teaching, and tutoring over 100 students - the day was a joyous occasion filled with smiles, laughter, and lots of fun!

Anxiously awaiting the entertainment
Students and volunteers putting on a dance
The festivities lasted all morning and included live entertainment! One class put on a play, written by our very own volunteers and enjoyed by all. Other groups put on dance shows and even included a dance routine with the volunteers and their students. Later, students broke up into activities groups, playing games and three-legged races. We ended the day passing out goodbye gifts of candies, snacks, and schools supplies to all the students purchased with funds contributed by the volunteers and other gracious donors!
A pre-school student, smiling for the camera

Leaving summer school with a smile and prizes
We look forward…