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Our latest Volunteer Interview!

Volunteer Interview ©First Name Mary
©Nationality Canadian ©Age 27
©How did you find out about La Esperanza? Via the Internet – searching under NGO’s in Nicargua
©What attracted you to working with La Esperanza? They seemed like a well-organized, up-to-date, information is readily available with regards to information on the school structures and teacher opportunities, there was a lot of information with regards to investment into the community and transparency about the cause and assistance within the community.
©What do you think your best skills are for being a volunteer? Realistic Expectations and openness to learn ‘more than teach’

©What is your current volunteer role with La Esperanza, briefly describe your typical day. Teachers Assistance in pre-school My typical day is to wake up at 6.30am as I teach in the morning walk to school with the group, assist the local teacher with my class, walk home around 12.30pm, make lunch I the provided apartment, take a Spanish class, head to th…