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Student Spotlight 2!

This time we had a nice conversation with Marta, a twelve year old kid attending the third grade in Nueva Esperanza school.
When she starts mentioning her family’s members the list seems endless: they are eight brothers and sisters and the ninth will be born in a month! Under the same steel roof, in this house in Pantanal Community, Marta is living with her parents, six brothers, (three older and three younger), a younger sister- nearly two-, a sister in law and a niece. Animals aren’t missing of course: three dogs, a rooster and some chickens complete the picture. “Yes, we are a lot! But sometimes we are even more when grandparents and uncles come to visit!” She keeps on smiling and the crowded atmosphere of her house doesn’t seem to bother her.
Her father works fixing electronic devices such as fans, mobile phones and televisions; the older brothers have a job as well: one of them makes and sells bracelets in La Calzada street, in the center of Granada, another one works in the coffe…