Who we are

Located in Granada, Nicaragua, La Esperanza Granada is a volunteer group focusing on children's education. 'Born' in 2002, we started in one small village in the outskirts of Granada. We started helping in local schools, where our volunteers were assisting the teachers and tutoring young children. 

However, over the years we built our own learning centers. These centers provide a safe and informal learning environment for local children outside of school hours. The local children can go for free and learn subjects as English, mathematics, Spanish, literature, arts, computer and tablet. We try to teach the children things by discovery. They don't only learn different subjects, but also life skills. 

Unlike the schools, in the learning centers our volunteers work with small groups of students. Usually each volunteer has 1-7 students. This facilitates the learning process. The volunteers can get to know the children and they can adapt their way of teaching to the children's needs. It is not uncommon that our students don't go to regular schools, so the learning centers are the only way for them to learn and discover. 

Almost all of our volunteers work in the learning centers, together with the ayudantes. These are local university students. Currently we have 3 learning centers, 2 of them work with our volunteers. We are also close to opening a 4th center. 


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