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The other Nicaragua

Tourists often see only certain things in the city, museums, swimming pools and restaurants in the tourist street. The only part of the real life in Nicaragua tourists will see, is children selling stuff in the streets. But where do these children really live? This can be seen in our Village Walking Tour.

During our tour we show you one of these communities and a school where we work. In the midst of poverty, it is a happy place where Nicaraguans work hard to make a basic living and raise their families. 

At school we are warmly welcomed by the children. Our ayudante Justo tells about the work of our volunteers. He also gives more information about the education system in Nicaragua. Nice to see is that children have a different life than children in developed countries, yet they are playing the same games. During the break, boys are playing football and girls are jump roping. 

Justo then takes us to the community. It is extraordinary to see how the houses look like in these neighbourh…