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Our latest volunteer interview

Our latest volunteer interview with Lina Geßner from Germany. 

 - How did you find out about La Esperanza?
After finishing school I wanted to take a year off to travel and had a particular interest in Central America and learning Spanish. Per coincidence I knew someone who also worked with Esperanza as a volunteer two years ago.
- What is your current volunteer role with La Esperanza?
At the moment I am working with preschoolers in the morning. Because they are only 3-4 years old I play, draw, sing, read, exercise and joke around with them and just try to keep them happy, which luckily is not very hard. After preschool has finished I usually work in the first grade and help them the last hour of school with their exercises or I work one-on-one with one of them if they have difficulties with keeping up in school. Because I have been with Esperanza since December I was lucky to also work in Summer school, which was awesome! In Summer school there are no teachers, because it is during th…