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How time flies.....

How time flies - doing updates on our website and see that we haven't written a blog since July last year.  So many things to remember, update our volunteer listings websites, keep up postings on Facebook, write a monthly newsletter, keep in touch with donors, keep in touch with sponsors etc. etc. etc.  However rest assured, we may have fallen behind on the blogging, but we haven't fallen behind on our main goal - helping improve the future for the children through education.

Here in Nicaragua life does run at a different pace.  We have so many volunteers who come, and so many who go, sometimes it is difficult to maintain the continuity of all we are trying to do.

But the continuity of working with the children is not lost.  It is right up there at the top of our page every day.  I have a note on my screensaver that I see each morning when I turn on the computer:
When a child learns to recognize the significance of letters and numbers, a gateway to the whole world opens up for …