Jun 17, 2015

Our latest volunteer interview

Name: Aili
Nationality: USA
Age: 20

- How did you find out about La Esperanza? I found out about La Esperanza through a Google search I did looking for volunteer opportunities in Nicaragua. I had been to Nicaragua once in high school and was looking to return. That was two years ago, and now I am back with LEG but working in the office rather than in the schools.

- What is your current volunteer role with La Esperanza? This year I'm working in the office and spend most of my time answering emails from people applying to volunteer or those who are confirmed to come.

- Describe how a day of working looks like. I get into the office a little before 9am and usually answer and send out emails for a few hours before beginning other work. Then I pitch in with whatever tasks need to be done. Today I worked on training a newer volunteer who will be working in the office and helped with a small piece of reorganizing the space, starting with a new batch of volunteer t-shirts that arrived.

- What has been your worst experience working as a volunteer at La Esperanza so far? I don't know about "worst", but the hardest aspect might be understanding that change takes a long time and yet, it's still important to dedicate energy and effort to improving the work done in the office. The flip side is that even small bits of progress feel important.

- What has been your best experience working as a volunteer at La Esperanza so far? My best experience this year has been getting to know the ayudantes better. They're a really fun and wonderful group of people I didn't get to know very well when I taught English in a school with LEG two years ago.

- Have you done some trips during the weekend? I have done very few trips this year in order to save money, but I did get the chance to take one great trip to Costa Rica and have gone to la laguna de apoyo. Did you like them? I loved them! I highly recommend a trip to Tamarindo, CR for those able to go.

- What do you like less about Nicaragua? Catcalling. A Nicaragua without catcalls sounds like a dream to me.

- What do you like most about Nicaragua? The people and pace of life. Priorities are different here than they are in the U.S. and families tend to be very closely knit. I have met so many incredibly kind and generous people here.

Jun 5, 2015

International children’s week

This week we celebrated international childrens week. Actually there is only one international childrens day on June 1st, but because our volunteers go out into four schools, we made it a week.  
We started the activities on Tuesday in José de la cruz Mena. Wednesday we celebrated in Nueva Esperanza, on Thursday in Escudo and today we are finishing the week with activities in Pablo Antonio Cuadra. 

The activities were different kind of games. The children could get a face paint, like a tiger or a butterfly and had lots of fun. After the games, we had a real dance contest in which children showed their moves. As well our Ayudantes showed us their skills. They danced, played in a real theater together with some volunteers and sang a song for the children. A group of volunteers showed us their dance skills as well. At the end of the day there were some delicious cookies and a refreshing juice for every child.  
 It was a good week and all the happy faces of the children made us really grateful. 

Painted face

Handing out cookies

Dancing Ayudantes


Curious children
Volunteers and Ayudantes