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¡Yo puedo escribir!

On March 16, 2015 we have started with writing lessons in a real writing notebook. The notebook is created by Ryan Olson.  Ryan is a regular volunteer with us, he returns each year for several weeks, and makes fantastic contributions to the work of the organization.

Using this notebook, children can learn writing with a real method. Each page contains three or four different letters of the alphabet. Learning comes in several steps. The first step is the trace of the letter. This helps by practicing the hand movement you have to make for writing the letter. The next step is a bit more difficult, because the tracing of a letter has changed in tracing dots. Then comes the third and most difficult step: writing the letter without help lines. The last practice of each page contains all three letters of that page in one line, so they can carry out the different movements of the hand behind each other. At the end of the notebook, all the letters of the alphabet have been practiced. A system a…

Our latest volunteer interview

Name: Ellen Eklundh
Nationality: Finland
Age: 24

How did you find out about La Esperanza?  I wanted to have a break in my studies, so I started to look at different volunteer opportunities in Central America. I found La Esperanza and thought it seemed like a well-organized non-profit organization.

What is your current volunteer role with La Esperanza?
At the moment I’m working in the English Team, which means teaching basic English to kids between the age of 10 and 15. We are a team of currently four volunteers and one ayudante, and we go to two different schools and teach around ten different classes per week.

Describe how a day of working looks like
I meet up with my Team at 12.15, and we walk together to school. The walk takes around 40 minutes, and it’s really hot at that time. Arriving to school we are greeted by kids yelling “good afternoon” and “hello teacher”. The first class is at 1pm and each class is 45 minutes. Every week we have a new program and topics we will teach…