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Ayudante Profile #5: Concepcion

This is the fifth in a series of profiles of our ayudantes. Ayudante means ‘assistant’, and is the name we give to the young people receiving university scholarships through La Esperanza Granada. Alongside their studies, the ayudantes are long term interns who give 5 hours of their time every weekday to support La Esperanza Granada. Our ayudantes are so much more than assistants – they are critical to our success.
In this interview we introduce ConcepciĆ³n de Maria Bermudez. In contrast to the other ayudantes she has been working in the office for two years after her time in the schools. During our discussion, it became clear that as well as being a kind-heart and modest individual, she also has an ambitious and determined personality. We met with her in the office and during her break-time she kindly answered our questions.

Tell us please, when did you first hear about La Esperanza?
During my time at primary school. I had been studying at Elena Arellano, a school which was supported by …