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Our Learning Centres

Recently at La Esperanza we have launched our new learning centre initiative, with centres located in both Sabaneta and Escudo. Children attend our centres voluntarily before or after their school day and the theory behind this is that these extra couple of hours each day will not only help the children improve their progress at school, but also their confidence and abilities generally. For 3 hours every morning our volunteers teach English, and for 3 hours in the afternoon they teach a mixture of art, mathematics and Spanish.

Both Marie, 22 from Germany and Blake, 20,  from the USA are English teachers in the centre and both previously worked in our initiative within Nicaraguan state schools.

Marie are there many differences between working in the centre and the school?
In my first week, I was in Pablo Antonio Cuadra school and there were 50 to 60 children in each class. It was a very different experience. Whereas here (in the learning centre) you have more space and the classes are sm…