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Our latest volunteer interview

Name: Sarah Johnson
Nationality: American
Age: 21

I found out about La Esperanza through an internet website about volunteering in Central America. My role with La Esperanza was mostly working and helping in a first grade classroom. I helped teach English for about one month. But my biggest project there was raising money to build a new water fountain for the kids at Jose de la Cruz Mena. There was no water at the school for around two months, and it really bothered me that the kids had nothing to drink while sitting in the heat all day, so I worked with the organization to put together this quick project and build this so the kids will always have water at school. We raised enough money to also buy new chairs for computer class, and fix the broken swings for the kids to play on.

On a normal day we wake up early, eat a quick breakfast, and start walking to school. Once at school you are greeted by the kids who, despite it being 7:30 in the morning, are energetic and happy and ready…