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Project brings water to Nueva Esperanza

This month, La Esperanza had the pleasure of partnering with Canadian technology company iQmetrix for an intensive, four day water project in the community of Nueva Esperanza, Granada. Among a total of 200 employees sent to Nicaragua, iQmetrix provided 93 people for a week-long project laying water pipes directly to 200 homes – an unprecedented undertaking in the community.
Previously, family members (often young children) had to fill heavy buckets of water at the outlet nearest their house, which was usually a tap at the end of their street, and carry them home.
Despite being hit by a huge difference in climate between Canada and Granada – for some, a climb of up to 60 degrees Celsius – the “iQers” arrived on Monday morning enthusiastic and ready to get to work digging trenches in the hot sun. The group worked in 8 teams, with each team coordinated by a La Esperanza volunteer and an ayudante. During the project, iQers were able to interact and work alongside community members, as well …