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Student Spotlight!

The very first Student Spotlight is on Raundy! Raundy is a 6 year old student at Escudo who has a reputation of being an excellent student. When we asked a teacher about a prized student, without hesitation, he quickly left and came back with Raundy who shows off the softest smile.
Raundy´s favorite subject is Spanish, and is sport fanatic who dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. Along with the dream of becoming an athlete, he hopes to become a carpenter like his dad.
Raundy is an only child in his family which consists of his Mom and Dad. In the small family, the positive influence that Raundy´s parents play in his life is undeniable and can be displayed in every aspect of his life. For example, Raundy grew up watching his dad work as a carpenter, which nurtured his dreams of also becoming a distinguished carpenter. And his mom is no less of an important figure either. She is a stay-at-home mom who acts as the most important teacher in Raundy´s life. Along with being i…