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House building project Families for Families

Since 2011, La Esperanza Granada is building homes for families in the neighborhood of Nueva Esperanza. This project is called ‘Families for Families’ and is part of a school attendance incentive program. We reward the families whose children have good school attendance. We want to thank them for caring about their children’s education. So far 37 homes have been built and we are planning on building 2 more very soon.
We renovate or rebuild houses for families who live in bad conditions. The houses only have plastic sheeting or corrugated iron for walls. Many of the homes don’t have a toilet or a shower. There usually is one in the neighborhood for many people to use, but it doesn’t give them much privacy.

We visited three families in the neighborhood of Nueva Esperanza. One of them recently had their home rebuild. The two other families are next in line, and they are excited!
A member of the family who recently had their home renovated says it made their lives a lot easier. They were m…

A day in the life of our volunteers

Arriving into a new country is always daunting when you have no idea what it will be like. This was no different for Roser and Miriam, who are both in Nicaragua for the first time. Roser who is from Zaragoza, Catalonia stayed with us for 6 weeks as a break after completing her masters in Law whilst Miriam from York, England is here for 4 months as part of her year abroad in her English and Spanish degree. What is your typical day at work like?
Miriam: Normally I wake up about 6.30 and go to the centre at 7.30 to teach my group of 6-8 children english. I have the younger children so I try to teach english in a fun way whilst focusing on how they speak, instead of just vocab lists. I come back at about 11.30, eat lunch and then in the afternoon I usually go to choir or orchestra in Casa de Los Tres Mundos. In the evening I usually do some sort of dancing or I go to the language exchange at ABC school.
Roser: I wake up very early (6am) because the sun is so bright through my window. The sun…