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Volunteer Spotlight: Michel Antoine

Spotlight Volunteer

1) Introduce yourself:

-What is your name? Michel Antoine -How old are you? I’m 26 -Where do you come from? New-York (U.S.A) -Why did you decide to do some volunteering? I wanted to help others who are less fortunate than myself. I wanted to make a difference. I also wanted to improve my Spanish. -What was your Spanish level before coming? My Spanish level was between intermediate and advanced. I feel that my Spanish has improved a little but it is still not where I want it.

2) What are you doing here in La Esperanza Granada?

- What job are you doing? (teacher,….) 1st grade teacher assistant - In which school? Nueva Esperanza - How many weeks are you staying here? 4 weeks -What are your first impressions (of the school, the children,…)? My first impressions were feelings of sadness based on all of the things that the children don’t have. The desks, books, pencils, erasers were all in very poor conditions; or there was a lack of these items. I also felt really excited to help out…