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Wendell Blubaum featured as Go Abroad Interviewee

One of our La Esperanza volunteers, Wendell Blubaum,  was interviewed and featured by the organization´Go Abroad.´   We are so glad he was honored for his hard work and are happy to share the interview below.
Uno de los voluntarios de La Esperanza Granada, Wendell Blubaum, 
fue entrevistado y contó por la pagina web ´Go Abroad´. Estamos tan 
contentos, el fue honrado por su duro trabajo y estamos felices de 
compartir su entrevista. 

Wendell Blubaum - 2015 Program Participant Why did you decide to apply for an international  program?  As a teacher of English as a second language, I have lived and worked abroad for  my entire adult life. My first experience abroad was as a Peace Corps volunteer in  Latin America. Now that I have retired I am happy to have the possibility to volunteer  again, and to teach English to people who might not otherwise have the possibility to study. Why did you choose La Esperanza Granada? I knew that I wanted to volunteer in Latin America because of pleasant experienc…

Volunteer Spotlight! - Susanne Kennedy

Volunteer, Susanne Kennedy (pictured below at bottom right) joined La Esperanza Granada this past month from Australia.  She had previously traveled and volunteered in Guatemala before arriving to Nicaragua in mid October.  She describes some of her experiences below about her time as a primary school assistant in one of our La Esperanza schools.  We are so grateful for the time she and her fellow team members spent with the children –

Most Tuesdays and Thursdays a taxi pulls up in front Pablo Antonio Cuadra primary school with a box full of tablets and small laptops, which have been provided by La Esperanza, to rotate between the schools they support. Children line up eagerly at the door of the temporary 'computación' classroom when it is their turn. For most these sessions are their only opportunity to access information technology and advance their learning through interactive numeracy and literacy programs.
For the past month I have been assisting in the pre-school and first…