The Power of Technology: Computers in the Centers

Over the years, La Esperanza Granada has endeavored to provide children living in the barrios of Granda with access to computers and tablets. Now, we are pleased to announce that a recent donation means that we have been able to purchase a collection of tablets for our Learning Centers, allowing the children greater opportunities to gain experience of such technology.

For the children at our Learning Centers, tablets provide an interesting new way to progress their studies. The educational games available on the tablets turn learning into an exciting challenge where problem-solving skills and creativity are tested to the limit. It is wonderful to see the children thrive whilst using the tablets, some focusing on tasks with looks of intense concentration, others working through a game collaboratively, chatting with smiles and laughter.

Furthermore, by allowing access to tablets, we are able to offer the children at our Learning Centers more than an interesting new way to learn subjects such as mathematics or grammar. As societies continue to change, technology is becoming increasingly important in everyday life. However, there remains a ‘digital divide’, with schools in underprivileged areas less likely to be able to offer students access to computers. As a result, children in underprivileged areas have fewer opportunities to develop technological skills; skills which could be the gateway to future experiences or careers which have the potential to break the cycle of poverty.

The very purpose of our Learning Centers is to empower disadvantaged communities by provide access to resources and educational support to children who might not otherwise have such opportunities. Every hour, between 1pm and 4pm, the children at our Learning Centers line up to choose a new subject to participate in. As a result, we are able to offer computing experience, with assistance from our local volunteers, to hundreds of children every day.

Since it began, we have had numerous contributors to our technology program, in particular The Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation, En Aard, and long-time volunteer Ryan Olson, without whom none of this would have been possible. We are very excited by the arrival of our new tablets and hope to be able to offer even more opportunities to the children in the future!


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