Feliz Navidad!

Great excitement at the school in San Igancio yesterday.  The summer school Christmas Party was on, and a tremendous success. 

La Esperanza Granada is holding summer school in three locations this year, and we transported the children from Elba Zamora school, and the High School children from La Epifania school to join in Nueva Esperanza school for a grand fiesta.

Kicked off with soccer and games, followed by dance presentations – this time the volunteers did the traditional dancing as a special treat for the students – they loved it and screamed their appreciation. 

A big raffle was held for students with the best attendance and Donald was an excellent compeer.  This was followed by piñatas – one for each age group – separated into different classrooms – the noise level was unbelievable – fun at full volume. 

Celebrations ended with a meal with chicken and vegetables, rice and beans, cold drinks, and a bonus bag of candies for each child to take home with them.  All of the volunteers were there, all of the ayudantes, Flor and Pauline helped dish up the food.   It was a joy to share in such pleasure, and a memorable day for all. 

Here’s a video of some of the highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jODcEruvAA


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