Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Fink

Name: Anna Fink
From: Bernsburg, Germany
Volunteer time at La Esperanza: 6 months

Anna on her way to school

How did you come to work at La Esperanza and what are you doing here?: I found this organization through another organization in Germany that sends volunteers out all over the world. I knew I wanted to do a volunteer year with kids or teens. After graduating high school, I wanted to get my mind free before studying in a university and to get to know a new culture.

I’m teaching and was in the computer team first. I teach the kids with the ayudantes basic stuff. Not only how to work a computer, because they don’t have the opportunity to use a computer, but also basic abc and math in a fun way. Now we organized summer school during the summer vacation for kids so they can come if they want and we offer three classes per day: math, Spanish, English, art, or sport.

What was your education like?: I feel like my education was just normal to me. You know that you go about 10 years to school and everyone does, so there was more structure and it was stricter. The view is more on the future and you never would think that you don’t go to school. It’s not that you have to work or anything. In Germany, without school there is no opportunity. In the schools we teach here, outside of Granada, I think some of the families don’t expect that the kids go to school because they also could look after their siblings and help their parents to work. The circumstances are so different.

What has been your best experience working here?: When people who live here tell me that they appreciate that I’m a volunteer in the schools outside of Granada. For example, I met a kid from school and her mother while buying groceries at the local market and they were so friendly and grateful for my volunteering here.  Sometimes people here don’t even know about this organization and when they hear about us, they are so pleasantly surprised like “Oh, that’s great work!”.

What is the most challenging part of your life here?: To be a blond-haired girl so you get a lot of attention on the street from sometimes weird guys. So you don’t like to go through the streets especially at night because you don’t feel really safe. And the cucarachas in the shower!

What is your favorite spot or thing to do in Granada?: The smoothie place en La Calzada!

Dfruit, the best smoothies in Granada
If you had 24 hours in Nicaragua (and the super power to travel at the speed of light), where would you spend it?: The morning in León to have a good pancake breakfast and visit all the revolution places and art museum. The rest of the day in Ometepe because it’s so quiet and full of nature. At night, in a room without mosquitos to sleep well and tight (this non-mosquito place will not be in Ometepe for sure)!

What advice would you give to future volunteers?: Get some bug spray! Don’t have too many expectations and be open for everything and make the best out of every situation.


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