La Esperanza Celebrities!

Two adventurous travelers, Hayley and Andy, just recently made a pit stop on their road trip of Central America to help out at La Esperanza Granada. And now we've hit the Aussie news!

Hayley and Andy appear in their local newspaper for their work with La Esperanza Granada

The two joined us for a little over 2 weeks as part of our Families for Families project, a program that allows families (or couples, or groups of friends) to raise funds and sponsor a local family for home repairs. Local families are selected from a raffle when students have perfect attendance (low attendance rates are a common problem of the education system) and make a list of possible home improvements. Depending on the financial contribution and needs of the families, volunteers then begin work on the house! 

The Guliteries family was living in a poorly ventilated one-room house, with plastic trash bags for walls and a low-hanging roof. Hayley, Andy, and a small group of hard working La Esperanza volunteers constructed a new home for the family around their old structure, with a sturdy roof and wooden walls to protect the family from the hot mid-day sun and keep the water out during the rainy season. On the final day, smiles and hugs were passed around between the couple, the family, and volunteers! 

You can read all about it in Hayley's hometown paper, just follow the link here!

If you are interested in sponsoring a family or volunteering with La Esperanza, please write us at


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