Heavy work during a hot summer week!

 Even the children from the Pablo Antonio school love to help the group during their break!

Builders Beyond Borders – Advisor Karen:

I am Karen Meyer (in the middle) from New York and I work as an advisor in the Builders Beyond Borders (B3). I became associated with B3 in 2010 while I was working at a Peace Corps Water & sanitation volunteer heading a project in Peru. I traveled with the April C-4 team to Ecuador in 2011.
The students that I work with are from different high schools in Connecticut and New York. Most of them heard exciting stories from friends or family who also worked for B3, and that is when they got interested.
The students do a great job, I never could imagine that they would work so hard! For the students this is a big difference compared to their own country. Some students even change their mind about their study plans for the future. I think it is a good experience for them to get to see something of a poor country. For example, a high school student that always wanted to become a dancer, changed her mind after working with Builders Beyond Borders. Eventually, she chose for an international study so that she can work abroad in the future. 

Builders Beyond Borders – students Vincent & Stefan:

We are Vincent and Stefan from the Buiders Beyond Borders and we are working on expanding the high school so that the kids can graduate. Every day we have different tasks to work on. That is why we like this work, it never gets boring! We work together with a couple of high school students from Nicaragua, to improve the interaction. Together we do a great job!
We are here for a week instead of our high school break. Before we came here, we raised money for this project. 
We are staying in a private house in Granada. The owner, George Berenschot from the Netherlands gave us permission to stay there so he could help with the schools here too.   Besides our work here, we have trips in the afternoon to see something in and around Granada, for example a boat trip to Las Isletas.
We think that all the volunteers from La Esperanza do a great job here! We really like the way how Pauline runs the organization.  

Builders Beyond Borders – student Wendy:

I am Wendy (on the right) and I am also here with the Builders Beyond Borders group. Last year I went to Ecuador with B3 to work on a nursery home for children. I liked it so much, that I really wanted to do it again.
Compared to Ecuador, it is really hard to work here with these temperatures. But I really like the kids here.  In Ecuador they were kind of afraid and here the kids are so excited and willing to help us! Nicaragua is so different from my country. It is hard to communicate with the locals if you can’t speak Spanish. If I had the chance to stay longer than a week I would love to do that, because one week is too short to really adapt to the country. What I love about this building work, is that you can see a big progress that we make, every day.


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