About our volunteer Svenja

I am Svenja Fillet from Belgium. I am volunteering for three months for La Esperanza and I am giving sport lessons at all the schools. My school in Belgium recommended La Esperanza.

I am studying to become a teacher of sports, it is 3 years in total and I am in my last year. I don’t think that you can compare it to the education here, because the education and also the job are totally different. It is way more relaxed and they don’t have to learn the same things as we learn in Belgium.

What I like about the work, is that  the kids come every single day to say hello to me, because they are so happy that there is a volunteer from another country to help them and to teach them different things. The challenging part, is the difference between cultures.

Besides my work, I like to go to the market, because every time it is an experience! If I had 24 hours left in Nicaragua, I would spend them at Isla de Ometepe. I really like the nature there and the many animals that you see. It is less touristic there and I like it better than all the cities where they live from tourism.

If I can give one advise to the volunteers, I would say ‘’Do as much as you can, because otherwise, you will regret it!’’


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