Happy Birthday Ella

Just returned home from delivering a birthday cake to Laguna Apoyo.  Outside my job description I know, but these things come up from time to time.

A student group from Derby High, UK, has been painting the school at Pablo Antonio Cuadra.  At the end of a week of hot hard work, they were spending today cooling off at the Laguna.  Today was Ella’s 17th birthday and as a surprise for her, her friends arranged a birthday cake which I offered to pick up and deliver for them.  A vividly colored work of art with ‘Felicidades Ella’ in bright pink.  (The local bakery may have thought it a little strange to be inscribing the cake with what literally translates as ‘congratulations she’.)

I had three bonuses from the trip.  That of helping a young lady, far from home, feel special on her birthday. (in later years she is going to forget the homesickness, and just love telling people she spent her 17th swimming in a volcanic crater lake in Nicaragua).

I had the joy of watching Nico swim for his ball in the Laguna – no effort at all as there are always local children wanting to do the throwing for him.  With his tail wagging as doggedly paddles back, ball in mouth, it is treat to see.

And while driving down to the lake, in a green archway formed by the trees, a guardabarranco  flitted across in front of me. (Guardabarrancos are Nicaragua’s brilliant national bird)  In the dappled sunlight it was like a cascade of glittering colored gems fluttering past. 

What a blessing to count the treasures of an ordinary day volunteering. 


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