Eva talks about her experience

My experience working with the kids at José de la Cruz Mena has been rewarding but also sometimes a struggle. First, I had to get to know the children, see what they already knew and what not. Some of the second graders couldn't read a short sentence in a book because they didn't know the difference between the capital and the lower case letters. So I practically had to start by teaching them the alphabet and go on from there.

Eva from Germany teaching her students at José de la Cruz Mena

Building a relationship and getting to know the kids better helped a lot to know how to keep them interested and motivated. Playing games, doing puzzles or coloring was fun for the kids and for me too. By doing this, they were improving their practical skills without even knowing. And they improved a lot! Some children need to be encouraged more than others but once you see the smile on their faces when they realize that they can do it, it's a great feeling.

Never stop encouraging and supporting the kids, even if work might be hard and exhausting sometimes, because you get so much in return!


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