Home Renovation

Recently, La Esperanza has had the fortune to welcome John Hart and his friends to Granada. John discovered La Esperanza through his mother, a recent volunteer in the La Esperanza office. Arriving with John were several of his friends with a common goal, to renovate a local family home.

    It took John and his friends a month of planning, fundraising, and organizing before they headed to Granada. The group was unsure of what to expect until they arrived, “once we showed up to our placement we were blown away by the conditions of the family's home”. The house is home to five children and their parents. All of the kids are currently attending school, ages between 6-15, and grades between 2nd - 6th grade.

    Before the improvements done by John and his group, the house was held together by branches with a cardboard interior and with a structure that seemed ready to fall over at any moment. It took a week of hard work, starting early every morning and ending late in the afternoons to get it all done. It took the help of the group, local craftsmen, and the family, who assisted in every possible way. The parents helped with labour, while the kids brought joy during breaks which were often spent playing soccer with the volunteers. At the end of the week the group had spent $1,250 renovating the house, and the results were astounding. According to John, “it was one of the most positive experiences I've had volunteering abroad in a couple of years”. It only took the duration of a week, the cost of an average monthly rent in the U.S, and a lot of hard working volunteers to change the lives of locals in Granada, an experience no one involved will ever forget.

The first few photos are from before the house was renovated. The last two are of the house fully renovated. Thanks to all the volunteers, locals, and family members for helping out!


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