Our latest volunteer interview!

Name: Nick Bayly-Jones
Nationality: Australian
Age: 25 
- How did you find out about La Esperanza?
Internet research                             

- How long are you volunteering with La Esperanza? 
2 months

- What is your current volunteer role with La Esperanza? 
I am an English teacher.

- What has been your best experience working as a volunteer at La Esperanza so far?
 My best experience with La Esperanza has been seeing my students have the biggest smile and see their confidence grow after learning something, like forming a sentence. When this happens, the students are so proud and go around too all their friends, and other volunteer teachers. This is also a very proud moment for me and the team I work with as it means all the hard work is worth it.

- What has been your worst experience working as a volunteer at La Esperanza so far?
 My worst experience has been the lack of structure between what past volunteers have taught and thus what students have already learned, and what new volunteers are to pick up on and continue. Although there is a meeting every Friday to plan class with a an established program, there is a need for a smoother transition for new volunteers and less disruption for students.

 - What do you like most about Nicaragua?
 I like how friendly the people of Nicaragua are, they will help you however they can. Furthermore I enjoy how cheap and easy it is to see different amazing parts of Nicaragua on the weekends.

- What do you like least about Nicaragua?
I dislike how dysfunctional the government and particularly the education system is, often with how often classes are cancelled and a lack of funding in schools for new supplies etc. However I understand this a problem that is being addressed and over time will hopefully improve. 


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