First Impressions of Nicaragua

Katherine Currier is a volunteer traveling from the United States. She is spending 6 months as a volunteer with La Esperanza as a member of our English teaching teams.  Here´s what she had to say about her experience, five weeks in -I have really enjoyed my time thus far with La Esperanza, Granada. Some things I have noticed:1. Plastic bags are used in many different ways. I asked for a coca cola and received it in a plastic bag. 2. Since Granada is a small city, bicycles are an excellent mode of transportation. 3. There is an incredible amount of energy in the city especially in the kids and the marketplace.4. Working with the kids can be a crazy-making experience but it is tremendously satisfying when you make even a small connection with the them. 5. It feels great to be here.¡For the niƱos!


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