Village Walking Tours

In the midst of poverty, the communities where La Esperanza volunteers work, are filled with hope. The community members work hard to make a basic living and raise their families.  

Every week, we offer tours where visitors to Granada can view the areas where our students grow up. On the tour we view Nueva Esperanza primary school, Nueva Esperanza secondary school, and the surrounding neighborhoods where we have built over 35 homes for families.

Many times, the greatest project ideas and fundraising efforts have begun after a person who has attended one of our tours heads back home and shares their photos and stories from the tour with their friends and family.    
If you´ll be heading to Granada soon and looking for a productive way to spend one of your mornings during your time here, consider a village walking tour.  Just email the office with the date you´re hoping for at


  1. In the midst of poverty, the communities where La Esperanza volunteers work tours on maui

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